About Me

Hello, My Name Is: Erika

For more than 20 years I have been sewing.  I started, as many young girls do, by making clothing for my dolls, then years later I designed and created clothing for myself.  For a while my hobby turned into an alterations business and I even sold my side projects of handmade clothing and accessories through several local stores.

I have changed careers a few times since then, but have never lost interest in stitching up something wonderful.  These days I stay busy raising my son and daughter, while still working from home on handmade projects.  Chic Tweaks Alterations and Crafts is the place where I document my work and interests.  From tweaking clothes for myself or a friend to creating something completely fresh and new for a gift.  My work typically has me saving something old, using vintage fabrics as much as possible.  I live by the motto: Repair Rather Than Replace!

Thank you for stopping by my little neck of the internet woods.  I hope you will come by often to visit and share your ideas and thoughts with me.  It’s always nice to connect with others, especially those that see the heart left in the vintage, old or castoff.

Please feel free to join me in this journey!







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