Project Index

Sewing and Craft Projects:

How To Make A Custom Pillow Insert : A Cheat

How To Make A Ruffled Remnant Pillow

How To Revamp An Old Pillow

How To Make A Bolster Pillow with Piping

How To Make A Monogrammed Flag

How To Make A Laundry Room Curtain And Valance

How To Make A Laundry Room Tub Skirt

How To Make A Hanging Clothespin Bag

How To Make A Curtain And Valance From A Kitchen Towel

How To Update An Old Tote Bag

How To Make A Child’s Photo Waist Clip

How To Make A Scalloped Window Valance

How To Repair A Tattered Vintage Quilt

How To Create A Cardigan From A Sweater

Attempts and Outcomes :

Jordynn Mackenzie’s Rounded Shoulder Bag

Anna Maria Horner’s Pin Cushion Caddy

Kaari Meng’s Bread Warming Bag


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