Attempts and Outcomes : Jordynn Mackenzie Round Shoulder Bag

This past summer I won a set of PDF patterns by Jordynn Mackenzie through her website Sewing School.  If you haven’t gone there yet, you need to make some time.  There are so many great tips and ideas listed that I feel like I learn something new at every visit.  But, back to the meat of this post, the patterns!

Among the group of four was a pattern for a Round Shoulder Bag in two sizes.  I had been mulling around fabric ideas for this guy since printing out the pattern pages, but had yet to get my heart set on anything.  (Did that last sentence sound like a Dr. Seuss book or what?)  Anywho, while browsing the remnants pile at my local Joann’s ETC. store last week, I came across some wonderful pieces of upholstery fabric and knew it was time.  I found more than enough oddball pieces to complete this and several other looming sewing projects, all at 50% off the already marked down price.  SCORE!

I also had an illuminating thought while all giddy and high with my find.  I realized that I could and would make a homemade gift for someone on my Christmas list who I normally would never consider being interested in a handmade item.  I guess I really just decided it was time they get used to the idea that I like to make my gifts and this was going to be the project to get us over the hump, at least if it turned out to look pretty good.  ;O)  Well, this is what I ended up with!

The pattern was very easy to follow and I would highly recommend buying one to make your own.  They are super affordable and you print them out at home, so no driving off to the store and flipping through those big file cabinets.  Plus, with the low cost of the remnant pieces and with coupons for the magnetic closure, I think the total cost was around $10.00!  You really can’t buy a nice, lined bag made from designer textiles for that price.  I wasn’t sure about these two fabrics together once I got them home and started the process.  The same colors are in each, but one is smooth and shiny, while the other is more of a rough-woven texture.  In the end I think they mesh together nicely and are a little unpredictable.  Okay, I better get this thing wrapped up and put away before I decide to keep it for myself!

Happy Stitching!



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