A Dreary Monday

I have been continuing the embroidery attempt #1 since the end of last week.  I have managed to outline a couple of little vintage fabric pieces for an art project with the blanket stitch, a chain stitch, a runnning stitch and then I ended the border with a herringbone stitch.  Although, I have found that some of these stitches go by slightly different names depending on what source you are using.

Image from Sues Tree House.

I hope to have the embellishments finished in the next couple of days, so I can mount these pieces before the weekend.  I will be sure to share the outcome as soon as possible.  Ooh, I think the sun is finally coming out today!  Maybe those outcome shots will be early next week.  ;o)

Check back in a few days for more pictures of completed clothing alterations.  And, don’t forget to call for an appointment (804-536-4465).  I would love to help you solve your alterations problems.  In the meantime….

Happy Stitching!



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