Fun Fabric Friday : A Modern Twist Valentine’s Day

For my last Valentine’s Day fabric feature I wanted to share some more modern takes on the holiday.  Of course, the best source for these lovelies was once again, Spoonflower.  Gotta love that place!

First up a super cool Rabbit and Heart print from Holli Zollinger.

Love Stuck by Heather Dutton of Hang Tight Studio reminds me of a notebook and matching address book I had in the ’80’s!

Another fun pattern from Heather is Puppy Love.

And, since we are checking out cutsie patterns involving dogs I had to add this one called Woo Woo Woofers from Scrummy.

Sweet, simple and to the point…..Snap by Brighton Belle.

I Heart Pipe from Newmom  for all you Magritte lovers out there.

Hope you continue to have Happy Valentine’s Day crafting going on!



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