Super Cool Accessories : Tie Necklaces – Liliana Asterfield

I stumbled upon this cool shop on Etsy the other day.  Lilian Asterfield is a bonanza of neck adornment!  The artist behind the shop is Nicole Deponte and she has re-envisioned neckties and pocket squares in the most creative way!  For a while now I have been really in love with all the big chunky new necklaces, or adult bibs as I like to call them, that are showing up all over the internet.  The thing is, I cannot see myself wearing most of them in my work-from-home-mom little world.  Somehow I don’t see the grocery run as an opportunity to take it up a notch as some desperate housewives do.

But, these necklaces are giving me pause.  I think they are absolutely beautiful and the scrunched, tighter scarf designs seem like a much warmer alternative to the bulky knit variety. (Please Note: All photos are from Lilian Asterfield on Etsy. Click on image to be taken directly to the product page!)

Paired with a nicely tailored wool coat I think they would be quite stylish rather than clumsy looking when running after a two-year-old at the park.  This smaller piece, made from a pocket square, has just enough textile and edge to catch my eye.

Oh man, I think I am in love…

Happy Shopping!



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