Cool Shop : Funky ShiQue

Today, while browsing some Etsy emails I came across a lovely shop called, Funky ShiQueIt is run by Amanda and she has created some super cute banners from burlap!

You have to check out all of her shop items because she has some really interesting and creative ideas not only for decorating your holiday home, but for weddings too.

White Painted Burlap with Red glitter Hearts

I think a simple burlap banner would be a fun project to take on for my home, but at her prices you really can afford to have her whip up something perfect for you.  Although, if you want to get in the spirit of crafting she also provides these cool kits that get you half way there.  Talk about innovative!

Love it!


All photos were taken directly from Amanda’s Etsy shop, FunkyshiQue.


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