Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has been enjoying a lovely holiday season.  If you had some time off, good for you.  Maybe you even had an opportunity to stitch up something nice during your down time.  Again, I hope so!  I will admit to feeling a bit like a chicken with its head cut off during this time of cheer.  It wasn’t a bad thing, just a fast thing.  You know, the holidays were over before they even seemed to start.

So, here we come up on 2012 and I already have what seems like a million projects I would like to accomplish.  Most importantly though, I would like to bring in some more regular business this year.  Early on I plan to get some advertising letters out to local shops, schools, cleaners, etc, and I would love any word of mouth assistance you all can provide.  Not only do I work with local businesses to complete their alterations needs, but I also schedule fittings in my home several days a week.  Feel free to email or give me a call if you want to get any of your wardrobe items teaked for the new year.

During this next year I am also planning a revamp of my Kitsch Designs Etsy shop, to include more handmade textile items.  So, please check in over there regularly for more updates as the changes come.  Of course, I will be sure to continue to share my projects and mini-tutorials as I go along.

Best Wishes to all in 2012!



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