Gift Ideas : Sewing Kit For A Beginner

This year one of my little cousin’s is hoping to get all geared up for some sewing projects.  I have heard through the grapevine that Santa is bringing a sewing machine and grandma is looking into some basic classes.  It’s times like these that I wish I lived closer, so I could be there to see the first projects or even help out if needed.  Lucky for her, grandma is an accomplished seamstress and can jump in at any time.  The hard part is trying to find a beginner project that results in the creation of something other than total frustration with sewing.

After I heard the news that the sewing fairy was paying a visit, I decided to scrap my original Christmas gift plans for her.  Usually, I just do something small along with the family gift to the rest of her crew.  This year, they will get their family gift, but I am adding a sewing kit and extra pattern to hopefully help spark her interest.

The first item on the list is this wallet from Little Stitchers, a shop I found on Etsy.

(Photos from Little Stitcher’s Etsy Page)

It’s called, what else, but the Super Duper Easy Kid’s Wallet Pattern.

I plan to pull together the materials needed and wrap them up for her “first project” gift.  While I was browsing the many wonderful patterns available on Etsy, I also came across this cutie from Retro Mama.

(Photo from Retro Mama’s Etsy page)

Stella and Stewart Owl Softies Pattern.  At eight she may be past the stuffed animal stage, but I figured this would be a good way to get a feel for pillow making.  Plus, in the end she will have these adorable little owls to put on her bed.  This pattern will just be added to the package coming her way.  There are so many fabric options with these that I wanted to let her decide what works for best for her.

I just pray now that she has fun with these and does not give up to easily.

So, tell me, have any of you ever given a sewing kit gift before?



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