Fun Fabric Friday : Christmas Prints

It wouldn’t be holiday time if I didn’t share some of the cute Christmasy fabrics I have found lately, now would it?

Screenprinted Christmas Fabric by Cherie Interro, featuring mid-century houses and evergreens.

A fun Alexander Henry print called 2-D Yuletide.

Tree Trimmers from Michael Miller.

This last one is from a site called Volksfaden.  The print is called Scoot Sky and is by Aneela Hoey.  I don’t know that it is meant to be a Christmas print, but it sure would bring a nice wintery change to the traditional colors and images of the season.

There are sooooo many cool prints out there that I had to just stop while I was ahead.  There are tons from years past too, that I would love to add to my collection.  Go on, get on that web and surf away.  Your holiday home awaits all the neat things you will make!

Happy Shopping!



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