Let’s Get Organized!

I just finished up a near disastrous dig through my fabric stash and realized that organization needs to be pushed up on my “To-Do” list.  The stash sits on an open 5-shelf rack at the back of the little walk-in closet of our spare bedroom.  All around it I have projects, alterations and items for sale hung or stacked to keep them out of the way and out of sight.  Lately it seems that I have been simply sticking an arm through the door, grabbing what I need, pulling it out quickly and then backing away as fast as possible.  I’m always frightened by the impending avalanche!

But, today was different.  After searching three different times for a wee bit of fabric, the perfect amount to finish up several Christmas gifts, and coming up empty handed I realized enough is enough.  I cannot fathom digging in the mess again!  And, Operation: Get Organized has begun.  The real hands on clean up may take some time considering my current backlog of handmade Christmas “To-Do’s”, but I am sooo ready for this nightmare to be over.

I have my pin cushion caddie and it has been great at keeping what I use regularly right in arm’s reach.  But until I can get in there and really clean up, I wanted to share another organizing tool I came across online recently.  It is absolutely brilliant!  It’s a fabric swatch organizer by Mena at Sew Weekly.

(This beautiful photo is directly from Mena’s site, Sew Weekly.)

She posted this as a free PDF download, so go over there and get yours!

Happy Organizing!



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