Attempts and Outcomes : Toy Car Mat #2

A while back I wrote about trying to come up with cute kid’s toys and gifts that could be sewn.  Not only did I want to create something interesting and fun, but sometimes sewing can help keep the cost down to you while making something priceless for someone else.  My two-year old son’s friend was the guinea pig for my first attempt at a toy car mat.

This first one was a portable racetrack with audience, pit stop area and garage to hold three cars.  It seemed to go over well at the birthday party and my Little Guy could not stop talking about it.  At that point I knew I could expand on the idea and do something for his birthday the following month.

For my guy’s birthday I decided to go a more traditional route rather than making something portable.  I figured that it could be kept out in the playroom and used along side the wooden train tracks to incorporate all the “things that go” that he owns into one big game of play.  I tried to bring together the aspects I really liked from several different toy car mats I spied while surfing the web.  Although this mat does not zip up to become portable I did use heavy-duty interfacing sparingly with each three-dimensional object on the mat.  The purpose was to allow the fixtures to all lay over when the mat is folded for storage.  Then when it is opened again these items pop back up and into place.

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My son’s toy car mat has a small town area with a gas station, including a car wash, and a drive-thru restaurant.

It also has a round-a-bout with central fountain (at least that’s what the blue fabric is supposed to represent) and a choice to drive by the construction zone or out to the countryside.

On the way through the country the road leads around a pond and into a wooded area.

The hills and valleys of the woods and “off-road” area were created using linen fabrics and patterned quilting cottons for texture.  I also stitched these different fabrics over varying depths of quilt batting to give height to the sections.  Then I added a few trees to drive around and the woods are all ready for…well, as they say in the South, Muddin’!

Just past the woods and on the way out of town the road runs by a farm, complete with a field made from corduroy to give it that just plowed feel.

If you want, you can turn off just before leaving the mat and take a ride over the bridge with a creek running underneath and to the pond just outside of town.

I tried to use different patterns of quilting fabric to give the look and feel of undulating grassy knolls and running water.  It’s not perfect, but I think I accomplished getting the jist across.  I think this will be one of those things that grows with him as he gets more and more interested in the game of make believe.  All that really matters is that my Little Guy is in love with his new toy.

Happy Stitching!



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