Clothing Consignment Sale : Richmond, VA

Just wanted to plug the latest clothing consignment sale here in the Richmond, VA area.  The Clothesline Consignment Sale is said to be one of the best in and around Richmond, so I encourage everyone to come check it out.  I dropped off a pile of my own items this morning and then stuck around to help organize the racks.  Let me just say, there are some wonderful items and for those of you looking for sizes medium to large, you are in for a treat!  Those sections were so stuffed full of items that we had to keep reworking the racks to try to not only make the items fit, but to keep them loose enough to see it all.

There is a huge section of handbags and shoes, plus a formal wear area.  I am definitely looking forward to hitting the preview sale and I hope all of you in the local area will head on out too!

Happy Shopping!



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