Goals For The Week And A Consignment Sale Update

I typed “Goals” with an “S” at the end, but it’s really just one goal…a pretty big one, though.

I really want my “In Box” to be empty.  Just like anyone with a skill, trade or some kind of service that they provide to others, when it comes to my personal mending basket, I am able to turn a blind eye.  While I have been shuffling through my closet to purge the unnecessary and to find things that just need a little tweak here and there, I have been letting the other alterations pile up.  This basket is full of all the not-so-fun stuff that I need to fix, but just don’t want to do.  You know, things like brand new socks that already have little toe holes to darn, a handbag that needs a stiff insert for the bottom, lots of kiddie pants to take in and one window valance that needs to be sewn and put in its new home.  UGH!  So, my goal is to at least go through and organize, if not start the attack, on this basket of mayhem that is taking up space in my sewing room.  By the way, did I mention there IS a basket in there…somewhere!

Consignment Sale Update: I put out a message regarding the Clothesline Consignment Sale that was going on last week and the fact that I was going to try to unload a large number of my seldom used items.  Well the sale has ended and I just wanted to give a little update about my experience with the process.  Getting started was simple and to consign only cost $10.00, which you pay through the website using Paypal.com.  Not only did I consign 63 articles of clothing (a drop in the bucket of what I need to unload), I also took advantage of their advertising program and had them offer up cards with Chic Tweaks Alterations info to everyone.  I was able to volunteer for a total of about 4 hours, which allowed me to sort of “pre-shop” and earn 5% more on my total sales.  In the end I simply broke even.  After reading this many of you may decide that it’s not worth the trouble, but I would say for me it was.  I made back my consignor fee, advertising fee AND what I spent on clothes for myself.  Although, dragging all those clothes back and forth may seem like a lot of work it really was not that bad.  I was really hoping someone who needed inexpensive, but nice suits would come in and go crazy with what I had to offer from my closet, but no luck with that this time.  I sold most of my shells or tanks that I wore under the suits, a couple of sweaters and a few pairs of pants.  From what I was told it’s a hit or miss type process, but that it’s good to keep consigning, even with the same stuff since word gets around about what was there and people often come back the next time around in search of whatever they heard about from the last sale.  In other words, just because it did not sell the first time doesn’t mean it won’t the second time around.  So, I will most likely give it another shot.  At least until I cannot stand housing all these clothes any longer.

Best Wishes For The Week!



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