Fun Fabric Friday & Weekly Goal Update

Earlier this week I shared my deep dark seamstress secret with all of you….hee!  Yes, I had and overflowing mending basket.  You read that right, I had an overflowing mending basket.  As of today it is done, done, done-zo!  As I went through the pile I was pleasantly surprised to find that much of the girth was due to my laziness in putting things away rather than just ignoring what needed to be fixed.  It turned out that about half the pile was just pieces of projects that needed to be put back in the more organized (if you can call it that) area of my sewing space.

Here is what actually needed to be repaired and/or altered:

4 pairs of itty bitty pants that needed the waist to be taken in

1 pair of itty bitty shorts to be let back out and put away for next summer

1 pair of golf shorts with a ripped pocket

1 scarf with an open seam that needs to be sewn shut

1 valance in pieces to put together

1 Quilt top to finish

12 pairs of socks to darn

1 tiny shirt with ripped sleeve seams to sew up

1 tank top needing a broken strap repaired
1 pair of itty bitty pants to hem
1 baby romper with an open seam to be fixed and put away

1 handbag needing an interfacing or cardboard bottom to prevent sagging

The only item that I did not complete on this list would be the quilt.  After looking it over I have decided to change some of the fabrics that I used.  It is made from vintage 1950’s barkcloth and difficult to mix with other textures.  I’m just not “feeling” the patchwork combo right now, so I will need to spend some more time finding the right fabrics to finish it off.

Whew!  It feels so good to have the mending off my To-do list and an almost empty basket sitting next to my sewing table.

Now, for some fun fabric finds!

These are from an Etsy shop called Meikkonon Oriental Fabric and they are really beautiful.  The details in each piece are unbelievable! Pattern 0036

Pattern 0014

Pattern 0015

They are all so pretty that I cannot imagine cutting them up.  I even think they are worthy of framing- wouldn’t a bunch of these on a big wall look really cool?

Happy Shopping!



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