Fun Fabric Friday : Fall Leaves

In honor of fall, I decided to feature some of my favorite fabric finds that include leaves.  First up is from my personal collection of vintage fabrics:

The next one is a nice, large graphic Ginkgo leaf pattern from Yahgie + Company.

Ginkgo leaves and trees always remind me of Athens, GA.  The cute little downtown is lined with them.

This cool retro pattern is available at John Lewis and is listed as Autumn Leaves Fabric, Linen. I would love to make some pillows or curtains out of this, but sadly it is currently out of stock.  :o(

The last pic is another from the site and is just listed as Scattered Leaves, Multi.

Okay, that is my nod to fall.  I hope you all did not eat yourselves into a coma because Christmas is coming and projects are waiting!

Happy Shopping!



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