The List – 2012

Back in January I made a list of sewing, craft and art accomplishments I would like to make this year.  I thought it might be nice to recap where I am in that process….especially since I feel like I have not done anything lately!

1. Pajamas Check!

2. Drawstring pants for my Little Guy – I found a great little pattern from McCall’s during that $1.00 sale at Hobby Lobby a while back.  Just looking for the right fabric during the next big sale.

3. Zipper Storage Pouches – Like the ones I have patterns for from Jordynn Mackenzie at Sewing School.

4. Storage Bins – This interest came from the obvious – I need some!  Still trying to decide where the first installment will go so I know what exactly to make.

(Super cool idea! Via)

5. Fabric Headband and Jewelry – I have purchased the headband base, but have yet to construct the final product.  Right now it’s just a matter of trying to pick which fabric to use.  However, I did manage to make some fun fabric jewelry!


6. Fabric Art and Housewares – Of course this is a given since my Etsy shop, Kitsch Designs, specializes in handmade textile art and housewares.  While I hope to produce even more items this year, I did manage to make, post and sell some of my vintage fabric photo albums already.  YEAH!

Checking things off a list is so rewarding…don’t ya’ think?

What have you guys accomplished lately with your 2012 goals or New Year’s Resolutions?



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