I’m Baaaaack!

Just a quick note to say, I will return to this here ol’ blog very soon.  There have been a lot of changes going on around our house in anticipation of our new addition.  That has meant no spare time for writing and lots of exhaustion for this mamma!  I hope to get back to my three times a week postings soon.  I have lots to share from my own projects, as well as, many inspiring projects I have come across.  So much to do in life, so little time, right?

For now, I would like to share some of the sewing projects I have been working on for my shop over at Etsy, Kitsch Designs.  These are old school photo albums or “brag books” and they are created using vintage fabrics.  Romantic and fun!

Vintage Hankie and Fabric – Yellow, Red and Blue

Vintage Hankie and Fabric – Red, Blue and Purple



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