Fun Fabric Friday : Blue Skies Are Calling!

Okay, the lovely blue skies that we have been experiencing lately are making it tough to stay indoors.  Unfortunately this week the bright days have been quite deceptive since the temps have been down in the 50’s.  Don’t you just love those early spring mornings when you get up, look out the window, don something springy and then have to jump right back into the house as your breath freezes before it has hardly left your lips?  Yeah, me neither.  I am ready for spring to kick in and summer to follow close behind.  This week, upon the suggestion of my 2.5 year old, I searched for blue fabrics.  Here are a few that I thought would be fun to work with.

Via Vogue Fabrics 

Umbrellas – Blue by Natalie of Olive Manna on Spoonflower

She had two others that made me think of spring and the warm weather ahead.

Clothes Pins Blue

Pennents Blue Dark

Blue Dala on Blue by  Carinaenvoldsenharris.

I hope you all have a sunny weekend with blue skies!



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