Sewing And Crafts : Vintage Brooch Art

Hello Everyone!  Have you missed me yet?  Our new sweet little girl has really taken over any extra time I thought I might have, but I finally did get around to posting some info about her nursery.  The full details are over at my home site, Kitsch Designs.  I did want to share the details of some of the crafty fabric items I created to give my son’s old nursery a soft feminine touch.

This project was probably one of my most favorite ever!  For many years I collected old flower brooches and would use them on hats, bags and most recently they adorned my bulletin board in place of thumbtacks.  After searching for inspiration for some floral touches to add to the nursery I came across photos of pressed flower art on good ol’ Pinterest.  Those pics gave me the idea to mount my vintage pins specimen style.  Here is how the process transpired….it’s a super lazy easy project!

First, I gathered my supplies:

I pulled together the vintage pins and brooches that I had readily available, along with some 8″ X 8″ canvas boards and some linen fabric.  After fiddling (that is a scientific crafting term) with the pieces I knew I wanted to add batting for depth.  In this instance I used heirloom cotton batting, which is pretty thin and in plentiful supply in my scrap closet.

Using the canvas boards as a template on top of the batting scraps, I cut around each canvas leaving about 1/4″ of overhang.  This helped soften the edges of the canvas as I wrapped the fabric around.  I then laid both the canvas and the batting on top of the linen fabric and cut out a piece with about 1.5″ to 2″ of overhang.  Then I started wrapping the edges.

As you can see from the photo above, this is also where the lazy part came into play.  To finish off the edges around the thin canvas board, I simply used wide masking tape.  After getting everything smoothed out and taped as flatly as possible I flipped the boards over and slipped the pins into place.

In order to hang each little square up on the wall, I looped some satin ribbon and taped it along the back edge at the top of each piece.  Then I used a flat thumb tack inside that little loop to actually attach each flower mount to the nursery wall.

In the end I decided to add a fourth picture and had to buy the two leaf pins at a local antique mall in order to round out the theme.

The white one has always been my favorite with the little red ladybug.

So, that is one of my latest quick and easy projects using mostly what I have around the house.

Thanks for stopping by!


PS – For a more detailed look at the whole nursery transformation please head on over to my home/DIY site, Kitsch Designs.

PPS – For all you budget minded folks, here’s a craft cost breakdown:

Fabric – About 1/3 yard of Osnaburg                                     $2.33 ($6.99/yard at Joann’s)

Canvas Boards – Already Owned                                             Free

             Used 4- Would have been $5.32 ($7.99/6 pieces at Hobby Lobby) if having to buy for this project

Batting – Already Owned                                                          Free

             Truly just used scraps, so the cost was really only pocket change if you had to buy new.

Vintage Pins and Brooches Already Owned 6                     $5.00 for the two additional leaf pins

             These vary greatly.  My collection consisted of under $5.00 purchases over the years.  However, in searching for the two new pieces I found prices from a few dollars up to $15.00 a piece. Yikes!

Ribbon – Already Owned                                                           Free

Total Cost:                                                                                    $7.33


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