Fun Fabric Friday : Sales, Sales, SALES!

It seems like all the stores are unloading their fabric like crazy right now and I am being lured into some serious overspending.  Pull yourself together kid, you CAN just buy what you need…you CAN, you can….maybe you can…  ;o)

I ran by Joanne’s today to check out their cottons for my PJ project and they did have a lot of really good sales going on.  I almost purchased fabric for another pajama set and some for the Little Guy’s pants pattern I scored for $.99 at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I pulled back at the last minute, though, because I realized it was more than a slippery slope that I was about to leap off.  I have an entire closet filled with fabrics from “sale” purchases that I intended to use for this project, or that project and they have yet to see the light of day.  So, in an effort to keep it real and in the budget I am only buying for what I am currently working on.  YES!  I said it out loud- now I can be held to it.  hee!

This was such a difficult decision because everything I have been lusting over is marked down.  One thing that I almost could not walk away from was the cotton duck and the outdoor fabrics.  At 40-50% off I was foaming at the mouth!  For two years now I have wanted to replace our outdoor seat cushions with something new and add some accent pillows too.  Now, I am faced with a wide array of cool patterns in great colors AND a sale price!  It was all I could muster, but I was able to walk away.  Honestly, I have no plan of action so this may have been one of those purchases that resulted in too much or too little in the end.  Nothing worse than starting a great project only to find that you don’t have enough to finish.  ugh.

But, I did come home with more ideas churning in my head and hopes for some spring spruce up sewing.  Here are some of my favs that I either saw today or found online.

Fabric by Waverly

Fabric by Tropix

I really wanted to take things up a notch and add a punch of red or corral color to the mostly brown metal chairs and pads.  But, then I came across all these great greens, browns and blues and I am not sure which direction to go in.

Fabric by Sunbrella

Fabric by Sunbrella

Fabric by Pkaufmann

At least I have a few months to choose before I need to get to stitchin’.  Do you guys have any plans for spring sewing projects?



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