Library Love : Wear This, Toss That!

I came across this book by Amy E. Goodman while perusing the library this past weekend.

Since I seem to be the queen of Frumpland lately I decided it was time to really start taking my wardrobe more seriously along with myself.  I think I have been stuck in the rut of thinking I am going to recreate my body with exercise, and figured it doesn’t make sense to work on my wardrobe until I am where I want to be.  After coming to grip with the fact that I’m not moving in that direction yet, I decided to stop using “get a toned figure” as an excuse to ignore the fact that my clothing is sorely lacking.

Of course, as is the motto of Chic Tweaks – Repair, Rather Thank Replace!  So, I have been back at the process of pulling what needs to go, AND reworking what can stick around a little longer.  As with most of you out there, I don’t have the money to just go buy a whole new wardrobe – wouldn’t that be a dream?

Well, if that dream did come true I would be sure to use Amy’s book to help me through the process.  Wear This, Toss That! came out in early 2011 and I wish I had stumbled upon it then.  She really does lay out some good basic things to look for and to avoid for most figures without getting to hung up on specific body types, etc.  This is much to the disdain of several fashion blog postings that I ran across when surfing the internet for more book info.

Since, like many others, my body does not fit a specific type and does seem to change dramatically with age and having babies it doesn’t help me to focus on my “body type”.  I rather like the fact that Mrs. Goodman focuses on things like, not wearing heavy ruffles or cable knitting and cowl necklines unless you want to add all over girth, and bulk to your neck and chin.  What may seem so obvious to most was the big mistake I just made on Christmas morning.  I was only able to salvage one of our family “in front of the tree” photos where I did not look a good 30 pounds overweight because I grabbed a big, bulky sweater to throw on just before running down to see what Santa brought.  I think all of us can pick up a hint or two and from this book and I would definitely recommend it for anyone struggling, like me, to move from “mom in survival mode” to “attractive woman with children” or just someone who can put themself together with style.

Get out to your library and get your read on!



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