Sewing And Crafts : Heart Shaped Pin Cushion

If you are my mother please stop reading now.  Oh well, you now know what your Valentine’s Day package will bring.  Sorry for the spoiler.

I spotted this project in the February 2012 issue of Country Living while awaiting my allergy shot last week and just had to add this one to the “To-Do” list.  Here is the photo via Pinterest:

Super cute and the tutorial they provide looks pretty easy.  I originally thought I would add emery to help sharpen my needles, but some internet surfing has shown that most new, plated needles don’t need sharpening like they did in the past.  Hmmm….I’m still wondering about this because I have both pins and needles that seem to have really become dull over time.  Has anyone else created pin cushions and used sand or emery to fill them?  Was it worth the extra money and effort?  Do you think it’s helping your sewing needles and pins, or harming them?  I have found a supplier and am ready to pull the trigger on the order, but I’m just not sure if I need to take this step.

Any suggestions out there?



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