Monthly Recap ?

Normally, well for the last few months anyway, there would be a monthly recap post some where in these first two weeks of the year.  But, sadly, last month was filled with much more merry making than crafting or sewing.  So, rather than a recap I will just let you know that the Project Index and Tweaks pages are all updated.  Now, to get to that darned FLICKR set already!

I’m gettin’ there, I’m gettin’ there.

In the meantime I discovered that Hobby Lobby has their Simplicity patterns on sale for $.99 this week and a 40% off coupon, as per usual.  So, I am off to pick up a pattern for new Jammies, some cute fabric at a discount and get something checked off that list I posted earlier in the week.

However little I spend, I’m sure they will be as cute as this $700.00 set.  Yeah, that’s right!  Insane!

I don’t know, I think I can do better on that price.  ;o)



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