The List Making Begins

I may or may not have noted here before that I am a list maker.  It’s to the point of needing lists to keep up with my lists.  And, I often make such a huge and unattainable list of things that I want or need to do, that I end up disappointed in the results…or lack thereof.  Although I tend to over to it with the lists I cannot stop myself.  The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment I get when crossing something off the list, or dare say, when I finish a list is often better than, er… chocolate, if you get my drift.  ;o)

So, when making a list of things I would like to sew this year I tried to reign things in a bit and make it manageable ane worthwhile.  Unlike my love of the hunt for vintage fabric and other treasures, one thing I have learned about my sewing skills is that I prefer the outcome to getting there.  This means that I will be employing patterns whenever possible on my list in order to keep the momentum going.  It’s nice when you can get in the groove of making something, rather than spending every moment trying to figure out the next step…especially when the outcome ends up falling short of what you expected.  Been there and done that too many times!

Without further ado, here is (probably just the beginning) my list of items to sew for 2012:

1. Pajamas – I had been in the mood to don some old-school men’s style PJ’s when Santa was kind enough to deliver a set from Victoria’s Secret.  I have been enjoying them thoroughly and would like a few more sets to take me through the seasons.

(Sweet!  Via)

2. Drawstring pants for my Little Guy – I’m thinking something along the lines of the Pants in Amy Butler’s Sewing for Baby book.  Cute and simple.

3. Zipper Storage Pouches – I admit this has more to do with the fact that I won some patterns from Jordynn Mackenzie over at Sewing School and I want to try them out.  Plus, who couldn’t use more storage options for your purse, or drawers even?

4. Storage Bins – This interest is came from the obvious – I need some, and Anna Maria Horner’s book, Seams To Me.  The box pattern she features look easy and perfect for my current storage concerns.  I’m thinking socks and undies!

(Super cool idea! Via)

5. Fabric Headband and Jewelry – I have been wanting to try a variation on the fabric covered bead and have recently been playing around with fabric covered button earrings.  I want to actually do more than play around with these.  And, I am just in need of a simple headband for everyday.

(Great color!  I might go a little smaller, though.  Via)

6. Fabric Art and Housewares – Of course this is a given since my shop, Kitsch Designs, specializes in handmade textile art and housewares.  I just hope to produce more over this next year.

I figure this is most likely a list in progress and I will post as I go along.  Are you guys taking on any new crafty tasks this year?  Still just thinking about what you want to do?  I would love to hear about your plans.

Wish me luck!



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