Tweaked: Vintage Quilt Fabric Bags

In the past year, I have been working hard to use up what I have.  Funny thing is, I seem to always have more.  It’s like my stash of fabric multiplies somehow when I am not looking.  ;o)

Anyhoo, I have been creating some simple and some over-the-top bags with the things I find around here.  This post is about some of the simple bags I have made.

It started with a bag of quilt scraps that I purchased last spring.  I thought they would be fun for patching things and making ornaments, etc.  Like these cuties I made for Valentine’s Day!


What I received ended up being a lot of bigger than expected pieces.  Big enough to make neat pillows like these:



But, my favorite so far have been these fun bags.  I literally created them based on the shape of the scrap and I love how they turned out.



A closer look at the scrap.  It came as a crescent that just seemed perfect for the flap of a purse.


Another version of this quilt scrap flap type bag, but with the seams stitched on the outside for contrast.


Along with the smaller length purse style, I also created cross-body bags with a smaller pouch and longer strap.


These scraps were from the same quilt, so the colors are similar, but the patterns are all different.  I loved that the honeycomb shapes made for a squared off look to the purse flap on these.

All of these quilt scraps were paired with leftover denim I had from a dress project years ago.  I loved the dark color and the stiffer feel to the fabric.  That seemed perfect for something being used everyday.  These are all for sale on my Facebook Page, Kitsch Designs if you are interested in purchasing (They are pretty easy to mail!) just click on over and look through the photos section to get individual details.  I plan to make some more of these since I have a lot more vintage quilt scraps on hand.  So, stay tuned for more looks!

Have you used any old quilts in a new way?

Thanks for stopping by!



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