Sewing and Crafts: Fabric Fairies

One of my all time favorite up-cycled creations are Fabric Fairies!


This was one of my first attempts at creating something new from a vintage piece that was just falling apart.  The original quilt was one step away from the trash bin at the time, but I just had to have it.  You know, sometimes you get a feeling?  This time I was sure I could do something to save it.  So, after thinking a while about what to do I came up with these.  Made from old Sun Bonnet Sue quilts paired with other vintage or reproduction vintage fabrics, they have a little pocket on the back for holding a tooth, a worry or a wish!


With my first go at them several years ago I also added a little tulle tuft along the back to stand in as “wings”.  I love all the feedsack fabric patterns that turned up in the little dresses and the hand-embroidery along the bonnets, sleeves and shoes.


Whoever made the original quilt really took the time to put together some well coordinated little ladies!

The second quilt I used had much larger Sue shapes so I took a different approach by stitching around the Sue shape and leaving a raw, pinked edge.   They are a bit more rustic, primitive, boho, deconstructed – however you want to look at it!


I also used coordinating vintage fabrics to create the pockets on the simple muslin backs.


In my latest batch, the hand-embroidered bow was so large I decided to allow that to stand in as the wings of each fairy.



The quilts used were both in really bad shape, so I had fun coming up with a way to save all the hard work that had gone into creating them.  If you are interested in owning a bit of this history they are available to purchase on my FB Page, Kitsch Designs.  Just check the Album called Fairies in the Photo section!

What have you saved these days?

Thanks for stopping by!



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