Library Love : Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

How I never came across this book before is beyond me, but I am so glad to have grabbed it at our last little library adventure.  I say “grabbed” because when you are toting an excited 2.5 year old through the library to any section other than the kids area, you have to work fast.  On top of my need for speed the entire craft section had been moved and rearranged over the course of the couple weeks we had been visiting another area location.  I actually felt a little panic as I thought they had removed the craft section completely.  Was I going to have to actually start shelling out hard earned cash to see if I would really use that new craft idea book?  Lucky for me the answer was “no”.  I can continue to wait long enough for the local library to get the latest and greatest crafting books so I can read for free- YEAH!

As per usual, Martha’s book is very detailed and full of amazing photos.  (all photos are directly from Martha Stewart’s Website)

Not only do we need some coasters, but these seem right up my ally stylewise.

What a cute Valentine’s Day decoration or gift, right?

The pictures alone are reason enough to take a moment and browse.  Plus, this book comes with a CD full of printables for the projects in the back.  Cool!

After looking through the pages at least half a dozen times in the first week after bringing it home I have decided I need to buy this one for my permanent collection.

Amazon, here I come!



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