Shop Updates Over At Kitsch Designs

I thought it only fitting to let you all know about some additions to my Kitsch Designs Etsy shop that fall into the world of sewing and crafts.  I recently opened a new store on Etsy called, KD Vintage.  This new shop is home to all my vintage treats, leaving room in my original store for handmade items.  Typically I stitch those handmade products and here are a couple of new additions and some that will be added soon.

Yellow and Turquoise Vintage Handkerchief and Fabric Photo Album

Purple, Green and Blue Vintage Handkerchief and Fabric Photo Album

Vintage Tablecloth and Trim Fabric Wall Art

Mid-Century Modern Vintage Fabric Wall Art with Color Blocking

Vintage Fabric and Embroidery Covered Jewelry Box

Vintage Quilt and Reproduction Fabric Tooth Fairy Pillow

All of these items are currently listed and I have more in the works to add soon.  The Tooth Fairy Pillows are posted in a “Lot” right now, but I will be adding individual listings for ease in ordering.  There are lots of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas here, so don’t hesitate to get your orders in soon!  Stop by regularly, I add new items all the time.

Happy Shopping!



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