Attempts and Outcomes : Heart Shaped Pin Cushion From Country Living Magazine

Since I am on a “Country Living” kick I thought I would share one of the heart-shaped pin cushions that I created.  They included instructions in the February issue or you could do as I did and get them online.  I wanted to make this cute sewing notion for my mom’s Valentine’s Day gift.  For years now, I have making some kind of heart-shaped gift for the annual day of love and it’s always fun to find something new to try out.  Unfortunately, I had just created a Sewing Caddy to give to my mom for Christmas from Anna Maria Horner’s pattern in her book, Seams To Me.  It felt like a dud gift to give the same exact thing, no matter how cute they are.  So, I switched it up a bit and added the emery to help with keeping needles sharp.

I had put the question out there when I mentioned wanting to make this project, but I never heard from anyone with personal experience with emery.  I did read several blog posts that mentioned it was unnecessary for the new, plated needles that we all use.  However, I also came across a lot of posts that recommended it too.  So confusing.  In the end I decided to go for it because I have plenty of needles and pins that are really dull after years of use.  I purchased my emery from Nakpunar on Etsy. 

I started this project by following along with the instructions in the magazine, but to hold the heavy emery in place I created a heart-shaped felt pocket to put inside the stuffed pin cushion.  Using the cookie-cutter base to trace two hearts from felt, I simply glued the edges with Aleene’s Tacky glue, leaving an opening for filling once the seam was dry.  Creating a tiny funnel by folding some paper, I filled the heart-shaped felt pocket and sealed up the opening with more Tacky glue.  After all edges were completely dry (I waited 24 hours) I stuffed the emery-filled pocket into the cookie-cutter cushion and finished the project as the instructions stated.  I did add a little stuffing before putting the emery pocket in so that the top of the finished pin cushion would have a nice curve to it.

And, here is the finished heart in a vintage fabric with a geometric black and white background, topped with purple flowers.  My mom loves purple.  I think it turned out nicely and the only change I would consider is using vintage/old cookie-cutters for that aged patina.  However, the new one from Hobby Lobby looks good and saved me some time in searching the antique stores.  Now my mom can corral the sewing notions she uses all the time in her caddy and keep her needles sharp with her new emery filled pin cushion.

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day Mom!  Think of me whenever you are stitching.  ;o)




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