Fun Fabric Friday : Birch Organic Fabrics

With the coming of our second child this summer I have been in redecorating mode.  First, for my son’s “big boy” room.  Since learning yesterday that we are having a girl, I am now in redecorating mode for the nursery too.  Yeah!  Fun, but exhausting.  In my search for cute juvenile fabrics that could potentially stand the test of time I have stumbled upon Birch Organic Fabrics.

They have so many neat patterns that I am dizzy with excitement over here.  I could take both spaces in so many directions, but alas I will have to choose.  The Little Guy loves orange and I must admit they have several patterns available (or coming soon!) that include nice shades of orange.  It’s a tough one to work with and not get a construction zone effect.

Part of the Mod Basics group that just came out last month.

Circa 52, which includes these cute vehicle patterns too.


So, I am definitely bookmarking this site and heading back once I have a few more of the plans in order.

Here are some girlie patterns that caught my eye too!

From the Storyboek Collection.

Oh I could really go crazy with all these great choices.

Happy Shopping!



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