Time Out For Consigning!

I’m doing it again this spring!  I have decided to consign some clothes with The Clothesline.  I didn’t make a killing last fall, but I made back what I put into it plus what I spent when I shopped the sale that week.  So, I figured breaking even and adding to my wardrobe is worth it.  Hopefully this time I will make a little chedda’, ’cause this mama needs some new baby clothes!

But that brings me to the next topic, consigning children’s items.  I am leaping in at the last minute and entering items from my son’s wardrobe this time around.  We just found out our bundle on the way will be a Little Miss, so it’s time to purge the pile!

This is one of those things I have put off for so long.

3 months

17 months

2 years

I kept telling myself it was because we might have another and it might be a boy, but now I know it was just because I miss him being so small.  Tear.

Okay, suck it up and move on….No time for getting misty here, I have a new baby to prepare for!  I never realized that nesting could start so early in the process.  ;o)

Wish me some consigning luck!



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