Pregnancy Fashion : The Ugly Side

Thanks to some really sweet friends that are no longer interested in producing little humans I have acquired several cute maternity items recently.  During my first pregnancy I never gave in to any true maternity wear simply because I was able to make do with belly bands.  You know, those tight bands of Lycra that help cover the top of your pants that are left undone so your big belly can poke through.

Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band

I think like most people, I bought them to help me get through the in between stages when your regular clothes don’t fit and maternity stuff is just to big.  Because I worked from home I was able to get away with yoga pants after about the 7th month, which ended up being the time in which I also really began to poke out.  So, no need for snarls of jealousy that I did not get big or something.  I assure you, I did.  I didn’t look cute at all!  I was just able to manage through the last couple of months without adding any true maternity clothing to my wardrobe.  Yeah for the budget, right?

Well this time around things are completely different.  I think this lass is sitting low because I can barely have anything around my waistline without it making me feel like I am suffocating, or being beaten by her from the inside out.  As I stated above, lucky for me I have great friends that were happy to unload a few things that are helping me get by again.  Thank you, thank you!  I never knew jeans with a stretchy panel could feel (and look) so good!

One thing I never imagined dealing with during pregnancy, has occurred.  The dreaded varicose veins!  Today my super-duper, extra firm, tight from my toes to my boobs maternity hose arrived.

Since the throbbing in one leg has begun to really bother me I immediately ripped open the package to slide myself uncomfortably within.  Although I will admit the pressure on my legs does feel nice and eases the pulse of the throb, like with all other pantyhose on the planet, I don’t know if I will make it long as a stuffed sausage.  Even the extra-large belly panel feels like it’s pulling my bump down to my knees.  If anyone has any suggestions about how to make these things feel less binding where you don’t need it, but without destroying the pinch in the areas where you do, I am game!  With summer quickly approaching I am wondering how I will get through those sweaty days at the park or running errands with the Little Guy in tow.  Can you cut the feet out to where with cropped pants, or will that render them useless?

‘Cause the sex appeal here might be too much for the average man to handle….

Calling all varicose vein suffers!!  I need advice STAT!!



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