Tweaked – Vintage Quilt Scraps To Sweet Pillows

A couple of months ago I decided to take a chance on a lot for sale of vintage quilt scraps.  The pictures showed what appeared to be lots of cool feedsack fabrics, tattered edges and lots of hand stitching.  To me, all of the pieces looked well made and loved and full of the history of the people who created, then used them.  Of course, I was entranced and bought them right away.  A week later this is what arrived:

20190603_130019 (4)

Even the pieces that were essentially destroyed seem cool to me.

20190603_130034 (1)

So, I got busy going through everything to figure out what to do next.  Some of the pieces were untouched portions of old quilts that, although they weren’t perfect, they could be retooled into something new.  I found several sections that included a pieced fan design and this is what I decided to make:


Some cutting and rearranging and I have a “Sunny Day” pillow.  Two, in fact!


Hopefully all the goodness shows through my blurry picks, but you get the idea!

What have you been doing with your scraps lately?




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