Tweaked : Clothing to Pillows

One of my recent tweaks goes something like this….  Find a cute sweater from Old Navy in the Goodwill Bins.  Keep it FOREVER even though it will never fit you (It’s literally a tiny size I may have been able to wear when I was 12) and hope to one day find something to do with it.


Find it in a pile of old things to “Do Something With” and decide now is the time!  Say a little prayer and give in to cutting a piece of cherished vintage fabric from the stash.  (Yes, THAT stash!  The one that you frequently eye and caress, but can never find a project worthy of the cutting.) Lay out the sweater and cut the largest square from the front of the sweater that is possible without including the curves of the armpits, etc.  Cut a piece of the matching sacred fabric the same size and sew to the sweater piece, right sides together.  Flip, stuff and sew!

Do the same thing to one of your daughter’s favorite shirts because she grew out of it, but can’t give it up.


This time, give it a Valentine’s Day vibe for a different approach and there you go…..


Two cute pillows from scraps!  The little one loves them both and removed them from my sewing room as soon as she laid eyes on them.  I believe there is an American Girl doll enjoying a comfy sit, right now, somewhere in that chaos she calls a room.

What have you been making with scraps these days?



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