Fabric Love – Upholstery Samples

I wish I could come by here more often, but with all the quarantined together time with family now I don’t seem to have as many opportunities as I would have imagined at the beginning.  As I was going along today, finishing up some work on placemat and napkin sets I had a momentary freak out about a pile of fabric that had taken over the corner of my sewing table.  I was quite literally sewing in a tiny gap between the pile and the end of my sewing machine.  It was MADDENING!

So, I finally went through that pile and organized it for it’s intended use.  I had been putting this off because, being upholstery fabrics they are very thick.  I kept thinking these needed to wait to become something for the fall.  Well, I’m sure that time of year will be here before I know it, so I lit the fire!

Here is my heaping pile of both new and vintage heavy upholstery fabrics.


I did not include the lighter weight pile because they are all larger in size and seem like they would be easy to make pillows.  What I envision for this smaller stuff is a Boho-style patchwork made into fun tote and handbags.  We will see how this all plays out.  For now, I will share the pictures from my cutting table!





Do you have any sewing or crafting plans taking shape?

Thanks for stopping by!



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